Description of dangerous drugs, the effect on adolescents

Legal killing of youth by drugs!

To date, few people who do not know about heroin, cocaine and the consequences of their intake. However, even these world-famous drugs are fading in front of modern synthetic drugs. Smooth-looking smoking mixtures and salts are in fact much more dangerous, since they penetrate legally in many countries and very quickly destroy young people who have just begun to live!

Smoking mixtures JWH

  • Smoking mixtures JWHThis is a synthetic drug that can be called a plan, grass, book, smoke, or even chocolate. It looks like a soda, but it is often bred with some grass like chamomile. Usually smoked through plastic bottles with a hole, tubes.
  • Signs of use. For several days, a teenager can sleep poorly, feel indifference to everything, lose attention, strength, feel mood swings. Immediately after smoking, he appears inhibited speech and thinking, freezes in one position, a violation of coordination, redness or blurred eyes.
  • The danger of JWH’s smoking-drug mixtures lies not only in the fact that a teenager quickly falls into a strong dependence on them, degrades mentally and physically, but also in the fact that his life often ends “in the window.” A stoned young man thoughtfully out the window, because he wants to experience the feeling of flying. Therefore, in case of any suspicion of your children using these drugs, we recommend that you immediately get help in a rehabilitation center. Remember that any of your delay or hope that “somehow it will pass by itself” can end in tragedy for your family!
  • Synthetic drugs MDPV (methylenedioxypyrovaleron), which are referred to as salts, speed, lung, are among the most terrible drugs. Due to its availability, this group of drugs is very popular among young people. MDPV lead to rapid degradation of a person, and it is almost impossible to return it to its original state. Externally, the drug looks like icing sugar.
  • Signs of use. During the reception, involuntary movements of the hands, head, wild look, anxiety, complete loss of sleep, grimaces, delusions, and a large burst of energy are observed. Outside the reception, a person begins to sleep for several days in a row, has a swollen appearance, often wants to commit suicide, begins to think poorly, lies a lot.

Magic mushrooms

Teenagers – signs of use

TeenagersSo-called “salt” adolescents often come to rehabilitation centers from psychiatric hospitals with schizophrenia. The person who used the MDPV is degrading to such an extent that his only chance of survival is being in a closed room without drugs. With a very long rehabilitation, a person may have at least some chance to get rid of addiction. If you find that your child is using these drugs, act immediately! The less time a teenager uses MDPV, the more chances to save his life!

Opiates, opiate popularity

The popularity of opiates is due to the fact that they temporarily give a state of calm and pacification. These include drugs derived from poppy: heroin, poppy straw, methadone and other substances. The peculiarity of this type of drugs is that they form a very strong dependence, which is difficult to treat.

Signs of use. Narrowed pupils that do not respond to light, slow speech, drowsiness, pallor of the skin, the desire to be alone, weak sensitivity to pain.

It is important to know! The use of opiates in many cases ends with HIV infection, liver damage. Overdose often ends in death. Getting rid of the use of opiates requires a long rehabilitation course that your loved one can take in our center.


HallucinogensThe danger of these drugs lies in their availability. For example, to get psilocin, it’s enough to consume only two grams of dried toadstools. This group includes LSD, also known as acid, red dragon or blotter.

Signs of use. Trembling hands, dilated pupils, severe overexcitement, the appearance of hallucinations, impaired coordination. Hallucinogens can cause irreversible brain damage. To do this, even a single dose. These drugs can completely destroy the personality and provoke suicide.

Amphetamines are substances such as ephedron.

Substances of this group lead to irreversible changes in the brain, damage to all internal organs and major body systems. Amphetamine users need immediate rehabilitation!

The popularity of cannabis drugs is explained by the fact that this plant can be easily found in many rural areas. With special equipment, it can be grown in a regular city apartment. The most famous drugs from cannabis are marijuana and hashish.

Signs of use. Red eyes, excessive talkativeness, dilated pupils, euphoria, intense hunger and thirst.

It is important to know! The use of this drug often leads to depression, mental decline and the transition to more severe drugs. With prolonged use, chronic bronchitis or lung cancer may occur. If a person close to you uses marijuana or hashish, he will definitely need to undergo a rehabilitation course. Specialists of our center will help him find the reasons that led to drug addiction, understand himself and learn how to live without drugs.