Is Marijuana harmful?

We will try to answer this question from a conspiracy point of view, because everyone is already tired of endless comparisons of hard drugs, alcohol and marijuana. Many people scorn the conspiracy theories, and most likely, they simply do not understand how reality actually works. In fact, our whole life is one huge conspiracy in the center of which a person is located, in a constant search for the meaning of life. This is our reality, and life is a conspiracy. We all face it every day. Just remember a character like Grandfather Frost. Any child is sure that he exists, since all adults talk about it. Moreover, he even has evidence of his presence, these are various gifts and greeting cards. And when someone tells the little man that Santa Claus does not exist, the child will look at him with surprise and say: “Uncle, you are a fool!” Just those who laugh at conspiracy, remind me of this little boy, completely self-righteous. After that hypothetical boy uncovers a conspiracy about Grandfather Frost, he will grow, climb the ladder of life, and begin to constantly face conspiracies that are more ambitious and ominous.

Many say that marijuana is harmless, and nothing will come of it! Do you at least understand that you are using a substance that is psychedelic? You will drink the usual strong tee, and your heart is already pounding like a mad man, and from a cup of simple coffee some people have a strong pressure. And here you use the real drug, and confidently say that you are dealing with a completely harmless substance, I would not. Many people today begin their morning with a shoal, they just get up and start shabbat. They just do not understand how destructive it is for the psyche. In addition, you should understand that marijuana is such a herb, the smoking of which affects people in completely different ways, depending on their psyche. Have you noticed that marijuana is very popular with people with heightened aggressiveness? These people smoked weed, they feel that they are expanding horizons of perception. This is due to the fact that the grass reduces the level of aggression and increases tolerance, while perception makes it more susceptible and sharpened. In this state, it is easier for a person to perceive information, and accordingly it is easier to understand other people. Well, now imagine that the very corporations that conduct research on marijuana are well aware of its effect on the human psyche. That is why now there is a wave of legalization of grass, and many media have begun to talk about this, moreover, both in the west and in Russia. This is the Overton Window, and it was decided to open it fifty years ago. There is not much time left when all US residents will be able to freely buy this crap in any supermarket. And you know that for individuals who have a tendency to neurasthenia and disturbing manifestations, the use of this substance is absolutely contraindicated.

Neurasthenics, and so forever doubt, constantly in search of something, and here having smoked and having reduced their level of aggression, they can start panic attacks and other schizoid manifestations. Knowing this, what harmlessness can we talk about? As for those who have reduced the level of aggressiveness, such persons usually sit down on alcoholic beverages, since this drug raises the bar of aggression, in the good sense of the word. These individuals become more confident, easily acquainted with the opposite sex, and in general they are knee-deep. Just imagine, you need to disperse the two companies, some of them shabyat weed, while others thump vodka or moonshine. Who will you attack? Here, the mind does not need much to understand that smokers will be as peaceful as possible. I want to say that the general social effect of the use of marijuana is the reduction of aggression in society. Imagine what can be done with a country where everyone smokes weed? Yes, whatever you like, catching up migrants there, lowering salaries, abandoning pensions, starting to carve people into organs, etc. Moreover, no one will protest at all, “Peace to you!” Yes, and do not forget that around the use of this plant drug has developed its own subculture. You know her this is a hippie. Bright clothes, baubles, hitchhiking, and most importantly all people are brothers! Therefore, if the entire male population is on this wave, then you can do anything, no one will say against it, everyone will only smoke weed and smile. This is precisely the reason why the state after state is getting through the legalization of marijuana by hook or by crook. However, everything is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, and even behind this screen lies something even more dangerous. You all probably heard of such a well-known in narrow circles of the corporation, like Monsanto. Who does not know, I will say that this company has a very tarnished reputation, since it has long been engaged in bio-terrorism, testing its genetically modified plants in all corners of the planet. In fact, Monsanto began to introduce copyright to its products, that is, to those of them that she modified. Have you heard the saying, control the money control the country?

But Monsanto company together with George Soros, at this very moment is engaged in the creation of a genetically modified subspecies of cannabis. After its creation, this GMO-weed will be actively promoted in all states. Just imagine what this type of grass will do to the population of an entire country, even if ordinary, the simplest marijuana makes you helpless and peaceful. It is difficult to say what properties will be incorporated into it, but it can be argued with certainty that this will not bring anything good to a person. On the precise look can be argued that addictive to increase significantly, and the impact on the psyche will last for years, and have a cumulative effect. As a result, from the population of the United States will make compliant vegetables and obedient biorobots. It is possible that they will punish simple marijuana, and people will be deprived of their choice, only this variety will be sold everywhere. Before using this plant in the USA, George Soros and Monsanto got full access to Uruguay, and use this country as their test site.