Medical cannabis in Ukraine: How and what cannabis heals in the world

In Poland, in the autumn of 2017, officially authorized medical cannabis for the treatment of patients with severe conditions. In Israel, hemp medicine is considered a very promising industry. In Lithuania, they study the medical properties of cannabis and prepare a bill on medical use. And in Ukraine heavily ill patients are not allowed to be treated with medical cannabis. Moreover, even her research is forbidden.

cannabis heals

The first international medical cannabis conference in Ukraine (IMCC) took place in Kharkiv on April 20. Participants of the event, in particular, – 173 doctors and 70 medical patients. Speakers from the USA, Poland, Israel and Lithuania spoke at the event: Jokubas Jiburkus (University of Houston, USA), Professor of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Ludas Ivanasuskas, Polish pediatrician and neurologist Marek Bachanski.

The treatment, including severe diseases, can be done using medicines made from plant cannabis, scientists said. And they presented the relevant scientific reports. And foreign guests shared their experience – as in other countries, they were able to appreciate the healing qualities of hemp and put them in the protection of health and life of people.

Immediately emphasize: we do not talk about “street” drugs here. It is important to distinguish between concepts, as the scientists have emphasized: “marijuana”, “hashish”, “drape”, “weed”, “shit” and other similar names and what is hidden behind them are hemp in the illicit circulation. In this article, like during the conference, we are talking about a cannabis plant, or a cannabis (the name of Latin), from which the world already receives drugs. And what  scientists want to learn to make these drugs available to Ukrainians too.

Cannabis and science

To begin with, remember: a hemp plant contains a large number of different substances. Among them – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has a psychotropic effect on the human body. And also – kanabidial (CBD), which does not have a psychotropic effect, instead gives a curative effect in many diseases, in particular – epilepsy, oncological diseases, AIDS, post-traumatic disorders, etc. Breeders, including Ukrainian ones, have already brought out varieties of cannabis with a minimum THC content. However, this substance, despite its “danger”, also has a healing effect – depending on the dose, combination and diagnosis.
They are capable of treating substances with cannabis
You will be surprised, but research by scientists, in particular American scientist Jokubas Jiburkas, shows that each human body contains endocannabinoids – compounds that affect a significant number of processes in the human body. Similar to them – phytocannabinoids – also contains a cannabis plant.

Modern science is already known, and it is written in Wikipedia, in particular, that endocannabinoids play an important role in the body of living beings: they serve as signaling molecules between neurons that are released from one cell and activate the receptor of cannabinoids present in adjacent cells. Endocannabinoids are involved in the processes of digestion (appetite regulation), various inflammations, pain and stress processes, thermoregulation and metabolism, as well as in memory mechanisms. The endocannabinoid 2-AG was detected in cow and human breast milk.

How and where in the human body “work” cannabinoids

However, the mechanisms and enzymes that underlie the biosynthesis of endocannabinoids are still unknown, they are actively studied in the world. Because our plant cannabis is included in the list of dangerous psychotropic substances. And studying it is also impossible.

Actually, this situation with the complete prohibition of a plant that has therapeutic potential has become the reason why scientists, activists of patient organizations and doctors address officials to allow medical research on cannabis.

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